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The Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) methodology is the most recent management tool that allows businesses to understand their services and products true cost and profitability in multiple dimensions. There are 3 key areas of application of this methodology::

Maximize Profits

- Profitability per client, product, service, sales ´channel, local, etc;
- Pricing strategy redefinition;
- Supply and distribution chains profitability;
- Product family management;
- Product-mix optimization;
- SKU´s rationalization.

Increase Efficiency

- Processes improvement
- Available capacity analysis
- Planning resources
- Own resources vs Outsourcing
- Benchmarking
- Best practices identification and repetition
- Efficiency prizes “definition an distribution”
- Complementarity with Lean tools.

Cost Reduction

- Product, service, process and activity Cost-Serve calculation
- Renegotiation with partners or suppliers
- Redefinition buying strategies
- Shared services costing control (IT, etc).