TDABC Free Trial

Cost and Profitability in cooperation with Acorn Systems offers the possibility for any company to use for free and during a limited period of time, one of the best software's around the world for the implementation of the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing methodology.

Why should I be interested and what is the benefit for my company?

This is an excellent opportunity to test, validate and improve your actual costing model, using an excellent software which was developed by the authors of the TDABC methodology - Prof. Robert Kaplan e Steve Anderson.

Whats included in this “TDABC Free Trial” program?

The "TDABC Free Trial"program is divided in 2 components: software and services.

For the software you would be able to get access for a limited amount of time to run a prototype of your model in Acorn Systems.

For the services we would setup a conference call with your team and discuss the scope of your project / prototype model and it will be presented a proposal for the number of estimated consulting days required from Cost and Profitability Team to:

- Define and Create the TDABC model structure in Acorn Systems following the best practices.

- Support the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for the Financial and Operational data.

- Create and Prepare the final presentation with a standard set of Profitability / Costing reports and dashboards.

With this program we guarantee that will extract maximum value out of the testing of Acorn Systems software and at the same time incorporate our teams best practices and benchmark models from other projects we have executed in your industry. 

How can I apply my company?

You should fill in our "TDABC Free Trial Registration" form - with your company details.

After your registration is completed, Cost and Profitability, will make an initial screening of your company. After this, the selected companies will be contacted for an evaluation in terms of: goals, level of maturity for your current cost model, easiness of financial and operational data extraction for the TDABC model, availability of the project team, etc.

The selected companies for the "TDABC Free Trial program" will be contacted for the setup of the initial conference call to discuss the project scope in detail.

What happens after the "TDABC Free Trial" program is finished?

After you get your model calculated in Acorn Systems and you see the impact of using this advanced solution you will be in a better position to decide on the acquisition of the licence for your organization and the expansion of scope of your model with the support of Cost and Profitability services.

How can I contact Cost and Profitability to know more details about this program?

Contact us through our email: or directly to our phone number +351 910313731.

Looking forward to receive your registration and support you in the improvement of your Cost and Profitability models!