Cost and Profitability has established partnerships in 2 areas:

1 - With the key software companies specialized in this methodology:

Acorn Systems

Acorn Systems is a software company known has the best-of-breed in this area by Gartner and AMR. Cost and Profitability has been chosen has partner in the implementation of their software and TDABC in Portugal and Spain. Acorn Systems provides profitability and cost management software and services to drive better business decisions. Acorn delivers performance information less expensively, more broadly, with deeper analysis that embraces your company’s complexity. Acorn reveals profit improvement opportunities across the enterprise — customers, products, segments, vendors, channels and processes — enabling clients to make fact-based, profit-focused decisions.



Cost and Profitability established a partnership with SAP Portugal, in order to develop and implement TDABC in their solution SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management (SAP PCM). To improve profitability, you need to identify your most valuable customers and products, while testing the impact that changes in pricing and process improvements have on costs and profitability. This will give you the insight to act decisively, with a clear understanding of impact.


Cost and Profitability established a partnership with SAS Portugal to develop and implement TDABC in their solution SAS Activity-Based Management. SAS Activity-Based Management is an analytic application that models business processes to determine cost, profitability and drivers. With this solution, organizations can make informed decisions that streamline processes, deliver revenue growth and reduce costs across the organization.

2 - With international and recognized specialists in Performance Management, Planning and Consolidation, Strategy and Balanced Scorecard:

Sonum International

Sonum International offers consulting and implementation services to realize planning processes that require less effort and have more impact. Sonum combines business expertise with IT know-how to design integrated models and processes that work for all participants involved.


WesleyQuest is a management consulting company founded on the motto of ‘revival of corporate value and performance enhancement.’ Our expertise in Strategy formulation, Strategy execution (BSC), Profit improvement (TDABC), and People and organization management helps the clients achieve an execution premiumTM - a proven framework used by hundreds of organizations worldwide to link strategy and operations to achieve performance results.

Van der Leer

Since 1987 Van der Leer contributes to achieve performance and profit improvement for its clients, using advanced methodologies and world class software solutions. Experience obtained in Performance Improvement projects implemented in 10 Latin American countries and more than 200 ABC costing models is available from this company located in Costa Rica.

SICE Consultores

SICE Consultores is a boutique consulting firm specialized in Performance Management, providing our customers with information systems that enable better decisions regarding Profitability by Segment, Cost Management by processes, Financial Planning and Business Intelligence. We are located at México City and provide services for México and Latin America.